Diamond Hole Saw Dry Wet Drilling Core Bits M14 Thread Drill Tile Cutting Crowns

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Diamond Hole Saw Dry Wet Drilling Core Bits M14 Thread Drill Tile Cutting Crowns


Total Length: 60mm

Grit: #40/50

Thread: M14 (Angle Grinder) 

Diamond Height: 15mm

Diameter: 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 43mm, 115mm


1. Dry drilling without water feeding.

2. Wide application for drilling tile ceramic granite marble stone...

3. Vacuum-brazed technology provides a much longer working life than electroplated ones (Generally 3-5 times)

4. Less Chipping, Minimizing breakage, less heat generation, Better finish quality

5. A high diamond exposure rate provides faster and more aggressive drilling.


6. Save your money and time...

The hole saw is made by a special vacuum brazing process, so the service life of this hole Saw is 5 times that of the traditional ceramic tile drill, which is durable and long-lasting;

The hole saw can drill quickly, easily, and cleanly on tiles and other materials (marble, granite, clinker, roof ceramic, plastic, etc.) without water

The M14 connector makes this hole opener suitable for all common angle grinders, so it should be an essential part of every tiler's tool kit.

The drilling performance of the hole saw is about 1 cm in 10~15 seconds, the drilling depth is 40mm; even in very hard materials such as granite, the drilling speed of the hole opener is very high; besides, the setting time is extremely short, which can save money in the long run;


Used in metallurgy, petrol, electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, shipbuilding, machinery, and other industries for the installation and maintenance of wires, pipes, signal lights, and measuring devices.


Step 1: Lean slightly at the oblique angle, the smaller the force, the less slippery, and the crescent-shaped positioning groove will open at high speed throughout the process;

Step 2: Slowly build up the hole saw and shake it while punching to expel the dirt faster and increase the punching speed;


Reminder: Adding water during operation can extend the life of the hole opener.

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