Tile Leveling Spacer System Clips Wedges Tiling Flooring Kit Wall Floor Tool

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Tile Leveling Spacer System Clips Wedges Tiling Flooring Kit Wall Floor Tool.

Package Included:

500 Spacer Clips + 100 Wedges + Pliers
1000 Spacer Clips + 300 Wedges + Pliers
2000 Spacer Clips + 500 Wedges + Pliers


This tile leveling system tool is designed for quick and easy installation of floor or wall tiles. 
It can effectively reduce callbacks by insuring that the finished floor surface is slippage-free. 
It requires minimal effort to install and remove, very easy to learn and use at any skill level.

This tile leveling system tool offers great convenience for tiling.
The clips and wedges are made of high-quality plastic, sturdy and durable.
The clip is disposable while the wedge is reusable.
Help to greatly increase the flatness of tiling and ensure the uniformity of spacing.
It helps to enhance working efficiency and prevent tile from moving during the installation.

Clips color is Clear White
Wedges Colour is RED
The pliers Colour is RED

Condition: 100% Brand New
Clip & Wedge Material: Plastic
Pliers Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: Clear White(Clip) + Red(Wedge) + Red(Pliers)
For tile, thicknesses are between 3~12mm
Suitable for tile gap:1mm/1.5mm
How to use:
1. Insert clips under the tile.
2. Clamp between the two tiles, and then insert a wedge into the clip.
3. Adjust and clamp tightly by leveling pliers.
4. Wait for 24 hours, and use a hammer to knock the clips.

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