LIT Tile Leveling Twister System 1mm/1,5/2mm Spin Screw Nut Reusable Tool Tiling

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LIT Tools Tile Leveling Twister System 1/1.5/2mm Spin Doctor Screw & Nut Reusable Tool Tiling

Perfectly Level Tiles

Use the LIT Tools TWISTER TILE LEVELLING SYSTEM to achieve perfectly level tiles every time!

For a consistent and smooth finish, make sure to use the system gently and carefully.


Easy to use
High Quality
Reusable Nuts
No tools required
Works as a 1/1.5/2mm spacer and levels tiles up to 20mm thick

Re-Usable Nuts


Disposable white screws and re-usable Red nuts. 

The white screws get broken during the removal process, but the Red nuts can be re-used again and again, 

saving money for larger areas or repeat jobs.

Disposable Screw Spacers

With LIT Tools TWISTER TILE LEVELLING SYSTEM you get our white disposable screws. 

These are the base on which our levelling system is built. 

Once you've finished, they won't be re-usable as they snap during the final stage of the process.

Re-usable Screw Nuts

With LIT Tools TWISTER TILE LEVELLING SYSTEM you get our red re-usable nuts. 

These are the tops for gently twisting onto the screws to level your tiles. 

Once you've knocked these off after the adhesive has set, you should be able to remove the white screw left in them and re-use again and again.

Easy To Use
The LIT Tools TWISTER TILE LEVELLING SYSTEM is so easy to use in just 4 simple steps

1-Just place the white screw spacer underneath the tile edges whilst tiling.
2-Screw the re-usable red nuts down gently to level the tiles.
3-Wait for the adhesive to set.
4-Knock the red nuts off with either a rubber mallet or your shoe.

Keep the re-usable orange nuts for your next tiling job, the white screws snap off during stage 4, so dispose of these responsibly.

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